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10 Most influential people in the crypto space

As the world turned to their screens to work, socialize, and conduct business during the global pandemic, digitization became no longer just an option but an obligation. In just over a year, crypto investing became the “in” thing, a global interest sparked by self-proclaimed crypto influencers and investing experts.

One of the biggest sticking points to crypto adoption is the technical barriers that any aspiring investor would have to overcome. After all, decentralized technology is anything but simple, and taking advice from anyone who claims to understand crypto could be a risk in itself.

The good news is that amateur and serious investors can turn to a handful of experts for thoughtful and reliable tips on crypto investing and trading. Get to know the ten most influential people in the crypto space right now.

1. Changpeng Zhao (Founder & CEO of Binance)

Anyone looking to achieve in anything in crypto should follow Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the brains behind the leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance. The platform, which holds over 700 crypto pairs, has earned the good graces of regulatory authorities in Bahrain and Canada. More than that, Binance has incubated over 100 crypto projects since 2018, making Zhao a major force in crypto innovation.

2. Samuel Bankman-Fried (Founder & CEO of FTX and Alameda Research)

Seven years ago, Sam Bankman-Fried earned his physics degree at MIT. Today, still in his twenties, he runs the sixth-largest crypto exchange, FTX, as well astrading firm and liquidity provided Alameda Research. On top of being an influential and inspirational figure in the crypto space, he’s also a well-known philanthropist.

3. Michael Saylor (Founder & CEO of MicroStrategy)

In 2021, Michael Saylor led his company, MicroStrategy, to becoming the top public company to have the biggest Bitcoin portfolio. Experts say this move had a significant influence on the institutional adoption fo the crypto asset. The business analytics platform currently holds 124,392 BTC, which amounts to $5.8 billion. As a leading bitcoin evangelist, he has a personal stash of 17,732, which is worth over $832 million.

4. Elon Musk (Founder & CEO of SpaceX, CEO of Tesla)

A business magnate that needs no introduction, a single tweet from Elon Musk stirs worldwide conversations. Among many other interests, the richest man in the world also happens to be the biggest defender of bitcoin and dogecoin. His influence is so deep that a single tweet can make or break a cryptocurrency.

5. Jack Dorsey (Co-founder & CEO of Twitter and CEO of Square)

Jack Dorsey is not only the co-founder of one of the leading social media platforms, but he’s also a proponent of Bitcoin. He champions the belief that crypto makes the internet a more trusted system. He’s also the co-founder and CEO if Square, an emerging payments and finance services.

6. Trung Nguyen (Developer of Axie Infinity & CEO of Sky Mavis)

The GameFi space and play-to-earn (P2E) gaming saw widespread adoption in 2021, all thanks to the popularity of projects like Axie Infinity. The blockchain gaming project was co-founded by Trung Nguyen, a game developer who was initially not a fan of blockchain. But the success of Axie has led to Nguyen becoming one of the leading figures in the GameFi space.

7. Caitlin Long (Founder & CEO of Avanti Financial Group)

A female face is rare in the crypto scene, Caitlin Long is undoubtedly a major force in the industry. Long is a Wall Street veteran who dipped her toes in Bitcoin in 2012. Since then, she’s become a leading crypto figure championing “honest ledgers.”

8. PlanB

PlanB, despite sheltering under a pseudonym, is one of the most revered crypto analysts. His Bitcoin price forecasts are essentially gospel. He also developed the now world-renowned Stock-to-Flow Bitcoin price model which investment managers worldwide use to forecast Bitcoin price.

9. Gavin Wood (Co-founder & CTO of Ethereum and Co-founder of Polkadot)

The Ethereum blockchain currently powers thousands of decentralized applications. The groundbreaking tech was made possible by the Solidity programming language, which was invented by Gavin Wood. After leaving Ethereum in 2016, he went on to develop Parity, a blockchain platform that’s compatible with the Polkadot ecosystem, and Web3 Foundation, an organization that aims to popularize decentralized internet infrastructure.

10. Anatoly Yakovenko (Founder of Solana)

Solana is undoubtedly one of the most successful blockchain projects to date. The platform, which was founded Anatoly Yakovenko, is being touted as the next Ethereum thanks to its lower gas fees and better scalability.

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