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🔥#AlgoBlocks All In One DeFi Dashboard Overview

📊 DeFi Dashboard

Connect to AlgoBlocks using Wallet Connect and MetaMask

Display wallet balance in numbers and in USD values

Display assets and categories by chain

Display all the interactions with different protocol

Track the performance of your favorite tokens

💳 DeFi Transaction History

Categorize transaction type with filter - staking, receive, send, claim reward, swap, add liquidity, etc.

💹 DeFi Analytics

Full analytics page to view chain allocation, token allocation, protocol allocation, asset worth breakdown, and P&L over time.

🧑‍💻#AlgoBlocks, Making DeFi Work For You.

🔥Discover, Invest, Manage, Automate in One Place

About AlgoBlocks

📹 Demo Video | 🌎 Website | 📎 Whitepaper 🐦 Twitter | 🎮 Discord | ✍🏻 Medium | 💼 LinkedIn 👥 Telegram Group | 🗣 Telegram Channel

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