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AlgoBlocks Community Beta Test Registration📝

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

🗣Welcome $ALGOBLK Hodlers to help and contribute to the product development.

🔥Let’s become a beta tester and join the exclusive #BUIDLER focus group.

✍️Registeration Open: May 23, 2022 (10:00 UTC) ✍️Registeration Page:


✅Provide your qualitative feedback on the design, user experience, and functionalities.


💰50 limited edition NFT — Boost extra 9.8% staking reward 💰$2000 $ALGOBLK token bonus, if bugs or improvement requests are accepted by #AlgoBlocks dev team.

⭐Here is the preview of ALGOBOT Buidler NFT⭐

🛠Let’s become #AlgoBlocks Buidler! Exclusive for AlgoBlocks Beta Testers! 🙌50 limited edition NFT — Boost extra 9.8% staking reward!

About AlgoBlocks

📹 Demo Video | 🌎 Website | 📎 Whitepaper 🐦 Twitter | 🎮 Discord | ✍🏻 Medium | 💼 LinkedIn 👥 Telegram Group | 🗣 Telegram Channel

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