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AlgoBlocks Community Update

📡 #AlgoBlocks Community Update:


Strategic partnerships with outstanding projects, BitsCrunch, Cube, Decubate, Kyber Network, Krystal DeFi, and Symbiosis. More partnership deals are ongoing


Launched the “Watch to Earn” Quiz Campaign, over 300 members participated. Uploaded product feature videos to educate our members

🌐Official Website

Published a newly designed website that features a modern design & represents the core values of AlgoBlocks: “Discover, Invest, Manage, Automate in One Place”


Developing a multi-chain DeFi dashboard, Dapps search engine with over 1600 dapps, EZ Swap and One-click liquidity contribution to be rolled out soon


Expanding the core team, hiring a UI UX Designer. Hiring a senior graphic designer


No exposure to Terra, Luna, 3AC, Celsius, Coinflex or Babel Finance and other protocols. Compared to other DeFi projects, our raise was modest and we have been very prudent with our spending

About AlgoBlocks

📹 Demo Video | 🌎 Website | 📎 Whitepaper 🐦 Twitter | 🎮 Discord | ✍🏻 Medium | 💼 LinkedIn 👥 Telegram Group | 🗣 Telegram Channel

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