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📡 #AlgoBlocks Community Update (August)


To further augment our BUIDL capabilities we are happy to announce the addition of two talented, seasoned full stack developers to join our team.

👨‍🔧Erzha (Full Stack Developer)

⏺Previous lead software engineer for an Indonesian Ed-Tech Startup.

⏺Serial startup-veteran has been the co-founder of at least 2 other startups that have published their apps published on the Google Play and iOS App Store.

👨‍🔧Ilham (Senior Full Stack Engineer)

⏺Senior Full Stack Engineer with over 11 years of experience across IT consultancies, InsureTech companies, South East Asian Conglomerates, and EdTech companies.

⏺Most recently worked with FWD Singapore.


✅Strategic partnerships with Smashverse

✅Strategic partnerships with Wido


AlgoBlocks is joining 2022 Hong Kong Fintech Week

About AlgoBlocks

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