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🔥Algoblocks x Cube Network Partnership Announcement🔥

🔥Partnership Announcement🔥

📡 We are happy to announce that we’re partnering with Cube Network

Cube Network is a high-performance, scalable and modular architecture Layer 1 blockchain. It supports multi-chain and cross-chain protocols and is fully compatible with EVM and the Cosmos ecosystem.

Cube Network is backed by Huobi Global and committed to participating actively in the development of decentralized cross-chain protocols, and in Web 3.0 infrastructure to give users the next-generation multi-chain experience.

🚀 #AlgoBlocks platform will be integrated with #Cube Network to provide a one-stop Dapps discovery experience. Users can enjoy ranked DeFi protocols, games, and NFT that built on Cube Network.

👉Follow Cube Netwrok on Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Discord

About AlgoBlocks

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