AlgoBlocks to launch DeFi dashboard, Dapp and DEX search engine

AlgoBlocks, the newest Social Media DeFi platform, is officially launching its DeFi dashboard and its comprehensive Dapp and DEX search engine in beta mode on May 18.

The all-in-one DeFi dashboard will be able to connect to your wallet so you can view, track, and manage your investment portfolio. The product launch also highlights the Dapp and Dex search engine, which aim to provide users with a comprehensive and growing list of Dapp and DEX projects for your investment needs.

A beta testing will be held on May 10 to gain insight from community feedback. Community hodlers are invited to experience the platform and give qualitative feedback on the design, user experience, and functionalities. Users who join the focus group will be rewarded with a Supercharge NFT with an extra 9.8% staking reward and an ALGOBLK bonus if bugs or improvement requests are accepted by our developers.

What’s in beta mode?

All-in-one DeFi dashboard

The DeFi dashboard provides curated decentralized finance projects in one place. It solves the problem of having to go through many platforms and several browsers to find the best DeFi offers in the market today. It’s easy to use and it provides real-time data for sound investment decisions at your fingertips.

In one glance, you can check the portfolio value with a profit and loss value in the last 24 hours.It also features a trend line to give you a glimpse of your portfolio’s performance over time. This dashboard does exactly that if you can picture all your DeFi investments in one place.

Most importantly, it shows each asset's performance with real-time pricing and price changes in the last 24 hours.

Comprehensive dApp and DEX search engine

A beginner-friendly platform that allows new users in the dApp space to discover the latest and most popular projects in the market, including DEXes and NFTs. AlgoBlocks not only brings together these dApps in one space, but it also allows investors to filter and search for different dApps, including games, collectibles, DeFi services, and sports betting.

With a beginner-friendly user interface, it is easier to find what’s good for you based on your interests and risk appetite. As part of its features, you can narrow down your search by using filters to help you find the best results catered to your needs.

Feature for adding liquidity

AlgoBlocks offers the most straightforward way to add liquidity to liquidity pools (LPs) via automation. Users can take advantage of LPs without the hassle of leg work. Instead of having both pairs to add liquidity to a liquidity pool, users only need just one relevant asset to the pool and the tool will swap the other half for you on your behalf. By doing so, you’ll have both pairs to add liquidity.

Notable milestones in the first half of 2022

To date, the protocol fully raised US$400,000 from three initial DEX offerings (IDOs). The IDOs were hosted on KrystalGO on April 7, Decubate on April 14, and Poolz on April 15.

The governance and utility token, ALGBLK, was listed on PancakeSwap, MEXC, and Bitmart. The token is also available for trading on Krystal DeFi and Coin98 Exchange.

In June, the team at AlgoBlocks will begin the BNB Chain MBV incubation program.

About AlgoBlocks

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