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Best DeFi asset management tools

The DeFi space has evolved from uncharted territory to an emerging system for democratizing financial services. It carries the promise of modernizing the banking industry, eliminating the “middleman” to make services like loans and insurance more accessible to everyone.

Although DeFi has the potential to bring in huge returns, it is everything but simple. The learning curve can be steep and security issues are still a potential threat given that DeFi is unregulated.

This is where DeFi asset management tools come in.

These handy tools allow both beginner and experienced investors to navigate the vast and complex DeFi ecosystem so they can make informed decisions, manage risk, and maximize returns.

But with so many platforms out there, it can be challenging to choose the best one for you. Let’s take a look at the best DeFi asset management tools that make the investment process easier.


AlgoBlocks brings the entire DeFi ecosystem to its users through an intuitive, beginner-friendly dashboard. The tool scans your wallet so it can push relevant market signals and recommend the best Dapps to invest in based on your asset holdings.

The tool makes it easy and seamless to optimize your DeFi portfolio. Another unique feature is that it allows you to create trade templates of different investment combos so you can save them for future use or share them with the AlgoBlocks community to earn rewards.

Oh, and did we say it’s free to download and use? It is.

Image: AlgoBlocks


Kubera is not exclusively for DeFi asset management, but that’s what makes it an ideal tool, especially if you’re looking to diversify your portfolio. It’s a comprehensive platform that lets you track your DeFi investments, along with your crypto and traditional assets all in one place.

The platform employs custom-built financial aggregation architecture that allows you to see how all your assets are performing alongside one another. The tool supports almost all major stock exchanges and crypto wallets and exchanges and supports DeFi assets on multiple chains.

You need to pay $1 for a 14-day trial.

Image: Kubera


Zerion has gained a reputation for being a simple but powerful decentralized asset management tool. It features a unified dashboard that lets you compare and track the performance of thousands of DeFi assets and over 60 DeFi protocols at a glance.

Zerion is a non-custodial DeFi platform, which means that you don’t need to deposit your assets on the platform. All you need to do is connect your wallet and the tool will only track the asset’s position in a wallet. Put simply, you can access the platform’s features without giving it access to your funds.

Image: Zerion


Zapper Finance allows users to manage DeFi positions across different supported protocols in a few clicks. The tool is the product of the DeFiZap and DeFiSnap merger, two asset management tools that combined to form a sleek and extensive DeFi interface.

This non-custodial dashboard allows users to deploy capital through smart contracts and shift funds between different liquidity pools in a few clicks. It also has a feature that converts tokens to the necessary positions required to deploy positions at any given platform. The platform also lets you bundle multiple transactions and view account breakdown.

Image: Zapper

DeFi Saver

DeFi Saver is another helpful tool for managing and monitoring your DeFi positions using a single intuitive dashboard. This universal non-custodial application creates unique financial interactions on Ethereum and executes them in one transaction. The tool also interacts with many decentralized exchanges, allowing you to switch between different lending and borrowing protocols instantly.

The tool also has a custom transaction built that lets you create complex transactions using combined DeFi actions from different protocols, token swaps, and flash loans. It’s an ideal platform for experienced investors with multiple DeFi positions in their portfolios.

Image: DeFi Saver

Keeping up with DeFi positions across multiple platforms can be challenging. But these tools offer sleek automation and monitoring features, allowing you to keep a close eye on your investments and holdings and manage risk.

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