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NFT Games: A Quick Guide for Beginners

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

NFT games is the intersection of gaming, blockchain, and finance. It’s not like other video games; it’s a game powered by blockchain technology. And you can earn a nice paycheck just by sitting in front of your computer and playing for a few hours.

The money involved is not insignificant. In 2021,, one of the largest NFT data resources, reported that NFT game sales hit $5.17 billion. There are also rumors that gamers can earn as much as $100 a day, prompting some to quit their jobs and focus on playing.

So how do NFT games generate money? And where does the money come from?

What are NFT Games?

An NFT game is an online game that incorporates NFTs into its game rules and mechanisms. NFTs (short for non-fungible tokens) is a unique, digital token that exists on a blockchain. You can sell and trade NFTs, but you can’t replicate them. NFTs can be digital files like artwork, images, videos, and even music.

In NFT games, the NFTs could exist in different ways. Your avatar or character could be an NFT. The weapons, cards, trinkets, or even costumes you collected and earned could be NFTs. In ordinary video games, these items are only useful within the game itself. But in NFT gaming, these assets have real-world value.

These NFTs are locked in smart contracts (self-executing contracts run by code), which determine how the NFTs will function in the gameplay. NFTs are also tamper-proof, and since they’re non-fungible, every player has iron-clad ownership over their game assets. Just like ordinary NFTs, the value of the NFTs in the games depends on rarity, their use in the game, and the willingness of people to pay for them.