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🤝Synchrony & Algoblocks talk about DeFi on 13 July 2022

🤝Thank you Synchrony for inviting us to their next Twitter Space

💪#Synchrony shares the same vision with #AlgoBlocks — to provide the one-click solution for decentralized asset management

🚀We will talk about our DeFi dashboard and the future of DeFi

🔔 Join us on Wednesday at 13:00 UTC, 19:00 HKT ➡️

📔About #Synchrony: 🚀Synchrony is an on-chain copy-trading and composable indexing protocol with a friendly Solana marketplace providing in-depth analytics to enable users to research other users’ wallets and their strategies.

📡 Latest Updates:

✅Launched Staking V1 , include Swap, and Ecosystem Browser. NFT analytics being released every other week that will culminate in their indices going live and application overhaul in Q4. ✅They will launch utility NFT that is focused on bringing more NFT users into the DeFi space. Incorporate more NFT functionality and analytics into the Synchrony platform.

✅They will be at Metaverse Summit in Paris July 16 and 17! Give away 2 tickets, get it now!

👉Follow Synchrony on Twitter | Telegram | Discord

About AlgoBlocks

📹 Demo Video | 🌎 Website | 📎 Whitepaper 🐦 Twitter | 🎮 Discord | ✍🏻 Medium | 💼 LinkedIn 👥 Telegram Group | 🗣 Telegram Channel

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