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Algoblocks — Driven By Clear Governance by

The Vision of AlgoBlocks and its Community Voting System

Algoblocks ecosystem is powered by providing layers of smart contracts abstracts that remove the manual steps and technical know-how barriers to entry making it easier for all users to interact with existing Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols.

The team leading the company has the optimal blend of proven expertise in finance, capital markets technology, and the Cryptocurrency sector at large.

The vision of AlgoBlocks: The vision of enabling anyone to access DeFi products by removing major frictions such as fear, complexity, and technical knowledge aligns the company and team to continue progressing successfully into 2022 and beyond.

Community Voting: The community voting mechanism is utilized on the Algoblocks platform to elaborate the company’s governance mechanism on the decision-making process to include users.

This involves setting up a Decentralized Member Voting System (“DMVS”) to govern key decisions taken on the Algoblocks platform for the benefit of the entire community.

The strong community focus Algoblocks has cultivated of a decentralized, community-based token, renders the DMVS crucial to the successful operations of the company.

Users can be included in the following key decisions as token holders: – Voting and suggestions on different pre-programmed, DeFi product, trading strategies that should be published or unpublished from the Algoblocks platform.

– Voting for upcoming DeFi products and whether they should be onboarded and integrated into the platform. Members can also vote for DeFi projects to be removed from Algoblocks.

Algoblocks is in the process of adding many more key features essential to the company decision-making process which will be inclusive for members to vote on as well.

AlgoBlocks Team: The core team has three members making communication rapid and effective. They have all ensured complete transparency with the community members by posting photos of themselves on the website and also connecting their LinkedIn profiles for anyone to view.

Click the link below if you would like to view the teams’ profiles or the complete company outlook:

About AlgoBlocks

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