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AlgoBlocks: Your All-in-one DeFi dashboard

View, discover and manage all your DeFi assets in one place

You’re knee-deep into DeFi — who wouldn’t? With the market’s exponential growth, protocols and projects have grown in number to meet people’s needs. And how do you track all your investments from multiple decentralized apps (dApps) and projects? AlgoBlocks is your answer.

AlgoBlocks is an all-in-one DeFi dashboard that provides:

  • DeFi options in one place Tired of looking through several browsers or apps just to find the best DeFi offers out there? This dashboard provides a growing list of options in the DeFi space. Curated to include the best offers, based on yield, popularity, and security level.

  • Ease of use With all your investments and investment needs in one place, the platform provides convenience on your hands. More importantly, it makes things easier to find and manage, even for newbies or first-time users.

  • Real-time data In the world of crypto, time is of the essence. While we discourage the fear of missing out (“FOMO”), having first-hand and real-time information is key to strengthening your portfolio and making better investment strategies.

  • Curated feed Sometimes, it’s difficult to know which offer is good for you. You’re usually bombarded with choices and it’s not easy to review each one before investing. AlgoBlocks audits its listings and you’ll find security scoring, impermanent loss, and reward type per offer to help you make smarter decisions.

DeFi Dashboard Features

  • Portfolio value and trend in one glance A portfolio summary can be seen on the top-most part of the dashboard to provide you with one glance at your portfolio in dollar value. It also has a profit and loss (PnL) label in percentage and dollar value to show how much you gained or lost in the last 24 hours. PnL is green for gains and red for loss. Underneath these values is a trend line to show your investment growth over a period of time.

  • Asset composition If you own several assets from multiple investments, you can see all of them organized in a pie chart. It shows how much of each asset makes up your portfolio in percentage form.

  • Asset performance The heavy-weight section of the dashboard is your Asset Performance. It lists your assets with real-time pricing and price changes in the last 24 hours.

  • Gas prices and token transfer costs When completing transactions, you have the ability to choose how fast it happens and the corresponding transaction fee will apply. If you’re not in a rush, you can choose a slower transaction time to save on costs.

Special dashboard features

  • Unusual movement alert — Based on what you hold in your wallet The AlgoBlocks system is equipped with an alert that provides you information when there is an unusual movement on a cryptocurrency that you hold in your wallet Price swings are indicative of large buying or selling, which may affect your trading game. It can also be indicative of breakouts of cryptocurrencies. Beyond providing information, we provide market intelligence that is personalized and relevant to the user.

  • Marketplace offers Do you need to swap, trade, stake, or get involved in yield farming? AlgoBlocks Marketplace will provide you with a list of offers in the DeFi space on one platform. The system provides you with recommendations based on what the user holds in their wallet and their previous activities on the platform.

About AlgoBlocks

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